Are wedding veils necessary?

In the best interest of my business, the answer is yes! The sky won’t fall if you don’t wear one but why not squeeze out every bit of the wedding experience while you still can?  If it’s a solid reason you need, fret not, I got you. 

I remember once during my styling training where someone said, “just grab a veil and put it on her.”  That drove me insane because every bit counts when it comes to putting together a whole look. Especially when it’s a day that’s meant to be held close to the heart. Often, the sharp intake of feeling like a bride doesn’t happen until the veil is on.  The veil may be the last piece to the puzzle but it is a piece that should be on the mind and incorporated to enhance the person wearing it.  It’s not an afterthought to be thrown on someone. 

Veils play their part, and they play it well.

When choosing a veil don’t think of it as a throwaway last-minute addition.  Keep it in mind as you put together your style for the day.

Coming to America's Lisa wearing a voluminous pink veil

The safety blanket

Everybody’s got their something. For a lot of bodies, it’s the arms.  While I’ll be honest and say that this is mainly a concern with plus size women, there are size zero women who are always self-conscious about their arms.  No matter the size we can never seem to stop picking on ourselves.  Time and time again someone will find the perfect dress and if there aren’t sleeves they immediately want to see a version with sleeves just feel the security of coverage.  Or they’ll find a backup dress they’ll clearly love less just because that one has sleeves. This is where the veil comes in handy.  I’ve learned that the feeling alone is enough to give you the comfort you desire without sacrificing the style you’ve fallen in love with.  Reality is, no one cares about your arms.  They care about you.  By the end of the night you won’t even be thinking about what you look like because you’ll be too busy enjoying all the love in the day. 

Whitley Gilbert on her wedding day to Byron.  The veil covers her side profile while Byron looks on


None of us have a crystal ball.  What you consider fashionable today might be tacky in the next 20 years.  So many of us envision having a child who would love to wear our dress for one occasion or another.  The dress you want to pass down may not be the dress of their dreams and it may not even fit them.  What’s lovely about a veil is how easy it is for it to be timeless.  Years from now someone you love could have that be their something borrowed for their wedding day look.  It’s a piece of a memory from a special day that’s easy to store and makes for a beautiful display. 


Everyone loves a good 360˚ view.  A lot of us love to have every inch spectacular no matter where you’re standing.  The front of the look gets most of the love and attention for obvious reasons but we like some drama in the back too.  It’s always tough when the back doesn’t excite us as much as the front but there’s some good news.  You don’t take your pictures from the back.  You won’t be worried about what’s behind you.  Also, there’s a way around that.  It’s called your wedding veil.  Having a veil with a beautiful design adds that interesting element to the back of the dress without having to go to alterations or find something new altogether.  This is not common knowledge, but the veil can also be bustled so you can wear it all night comfortably.  When the photographer takes photos of you from all angles, you’ll have the interesting back you really wanted.

Close up of Ivy Getty's wedding veil with details of her father's guitar prominent

From the Heart

We may not always be able to have everyone we love on the day we celebrate love.  But we have ways of keeping them very close to us.  I love taking a closer look at a veil and seeing little symbols and sayings that mean something to the people who wear them.  In the blog post about Ivy Getty, it was guitars in the memory of her late father.  I had a client who wanted a little paw print for her service dog who would pass before her wedding day.  It’s an honor to honor those who impact our lives and make us who we are.  If you’re thinking of ways to add a sentimental touch to your wedding day look consider your veil.

Our veils can carry stories and give us comfort.  Not an afterthought but a forethought.

Sound off below.  Let me know what you think about adding a veil to your wedding look

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