About Us

How many times do you get that one day?  Where does the day end really?  Those memories are carried in your photos.  Your videos.  The stories from our memories.  That day lives in your heart.  

We're here to create for the one who knows that day is worth all the celebration.  The day that they're carrying on traditions while forging a new path.  O-Mara is designed for the one not afraid to be the center of attention, the one who basks in the joy of the moment.   

O-Mara understands that the big day is never just one day.  It's a lifetime of photos, stories, and mementos.  It creates new traditions as two families are bonded together.  O-Mara is here to be a part of the memories and spark the joy of celebration.




Omara: Do they know?

Omara: They Know 

Omaramma: It/they are beautiful 

Omara is a dynamic word in the Igbo language, taking on different meanings depending on the intended message.