In Case You're Wondering

What do I need to rent a veil?

-A valid form of payment

How long do I rent the veil?

-We get it, after the wedding can be just as hectic as the before.  That's why you'll have up to five days to return the veil.  Just make sure it's postmarked by noon the day of return.

How do you clean the veil?

-Due to the design and embellishments of the veils we have them professionally cleaned after every use

What if I get it dirty?

-Life isn't full proof and neither is your make up.  That's why we understand light stains such as light lipstick smudge, a faint mascara mark or a couple hairs on the comb.  Anything more than that is the responsibility of the client to take care of.

How does the veil arrive?

-The veil arrives in a box and within the box a muslin bag.  The veil is then wrapped non acid paper. P.S. you can keep the muslin bag.