Custom Work


This beautiful bride was a vision of timeless and elegant glamour.  She had two different wedding looks and left no stone unturned.  Her wedding veil reflected her glamorous and showstopping personality.  Looking at her photos you might think her wedding veil length was a cathedral veil.  However, she had a regal-length wedding veil.  Very fitting.  

The best part about having such a gorgeous veil is that it never detracted from her.  Wedding veils and tiaras are quite a match made in heaven but there's room for more.  A wedding veil headpiece can be an ornate comb attached to the side so there's nothing blocking the blushing bride's face.  The glamour is in everything that she wore and the glamour is her.  

From a professional standpoint, a wedding veil length that shows off the beautiful design of the tulle is always a must in my book. 



 A Simple Fairytale 

There's something about a princess seam it creates a timeless and enchanting effect on this simple wedding dress with sleeves.  Reminiscent of Bella Swan's wedding dress.  This classic silhouette will forever be a chic choice for someone who would want a minimalist wedding style or even a fairytale wedding dress.

Twilight fans remember Bella Swan's wedding dress, especially the back of the dress being such a welcome surprise as she storms away.  As with this dress, the back is a welcome surprise.  A deep v-cut trimmed in a beautiful lace detail.  The discreet beading makes sure to capture the light in photos and in person.  Finished off with a row of bridal buttons for the bride's mother to fasten.  A special moment they'll both cherish.

I absolutely love how the dress hangs.  There's romance in the simplicity.  This simple wedding dress with sleeves doesn't need much to attract attention.  It just needs the right person to wear it.  

It's the fairytale wedding dress without a ballgown.  We have the train long enough for a romantic flair with not too much fabric where you'll worry about tripping.  The bodice glides over the curves thanks to those princess seams.  It's romantic and delicate without being fussy.  It makes sense why this was Bella Swan's wedding dress.

It's not just how you'll look in a dress, how you feel matters too.  The dress was made for the regal effect.  It inspires you to walk a little straighter and a little bolder down the aisle.