Custom Work


This beautiful bride was a vision of timeless and elegant glamour.  She had two different wedding looks and left no stone unturned.  Her wedding veil reflected her glamorous and showstopping personality.  Looking at her photos you might think her wedding veil length was a cathedral veil.  However, she had a regal-length wedding veil.  Very fitting.  

The best part about having such a gorgeous veil is that it never took away from her.  Wedding veils and tiaras are quite a match made in heaven but there's room for more.  A wedding veil headpiece can be an ornate comb attached to the side so there's nothing blocking the blushing bride's face.  The glamour is in everything that she wore and the glamour is her.  

From a professional standpoint, a wedding veil length that shows off the beautiful design of the tulle is always a must in my book. 




This dress was made before Meghan Markle's wedding dress but as we can see, certain silhouettes will never go out of style.  With the princess seams in the front for a clean finish. And the classic row of buttons for a vintage throwback.  The real star is the embellished back detail for a beautiful surprise in her photos.