When Ivy Love Getty was planning her wedding to Tobias Alexander only the best would do.  Enter Carrie L. Goldberg, the former weddings and travel director for Harpers Bazaar Australia.  Together they created a colourful weekend filled with vintage dresses, archived dresses, and of course custom headpieces.

Ivy is an artist which can obviously be seen through the use of colour, shape and materials in her wedding style.  The unconventional approach to the styling is exactly what drew me to the picture of her wedding dress.  A custom John Galliano for Maison Margiela mirrored wedding dress that required four layers for the complete vision, and it was indeed a vision from top to bottom.

Tip #1 for putting together your wedding look: you want to draw the eye up and have it work it's way down.  

The first custom headpiece Ivy wore was paired with a custom dress from Paul Burgo of Factory New York.  When the eye starts from the top and works its way down it goes right back up to wonder what is on her head.  The headpiece is reminiscent of a slinky stretched across her head in a colour very close to hot pink.  It seems like an afterthought with the look and it's hard to look at Carrie's body of work and think that was her idea.  Brides, if you are interested in a custom headpiece work with your dress stylist, hair stylist, or just get a couple opinions outside of your own.  You're not obligated to take all the advice but it might be helpful in the long run.


Tip #2: Harmony

Ivy's second headpiece with her mirrored wedding dress completely captures the eyes and burrows deep in memory.  So well created and styled so

perfectly.  If you zoom into her photos you'll see that it is a crown.  It's secured by some chains that hang off a metal circle sitting on her mid-scalp.  Take a look at her hands and you'll notice silver metallic press-on nails.  To put into words is a wild attempt, to put on the person, a harmonious ensemble.  The white pieces being spaced the way they are while being held together by metal wires running through falls in line with the texture of the mirrors on her dress.

Tip #3: Add something personal

Veils are not an afterthought!  Too many times a veil has been treated as a burden to think about when really it is one of the most functional pieces that gives you a canvas for sentimentality.  Not any ol' tulle will do either.  Ivy chose a veil of dramatic length, guessing 16-20ft based on pictures.  She chose a veil that took over 200 hours to embroider and some of the motif was symbolic to her life.  Such as the guitar embroidery representing her father who passed during the thick of lockdowns in 2020.  Ivy also lost her grandmother around the same time she lost her dad.  There were many homages throughout the wedding for her grandmother as well.  If your budget or plans don't allow for the same having special meaning behind the design of your veil is an excellent addition.  Plus a veil is one of the easiest pieces of your wedding to display for the rest of your life.

What are we thinking of Ivy's look?  Are you inspired to add headpieces to any of your looks?


Check out Ivy Getty's Pinterest board! 


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