3 Reasons Amanda from The Holiday Should Wear a Cathedral Length Veil

If you read my Iris blog then you already know which style the two women are known for.  If you didn’t let me catch you up.  Iris is known for her home decor style, Amanda for her wardrobe.  The movie ends with two different love stories but without a wedding for either women.  I decided to give myself the happy ever-after wedding veil  I think each woman would want. I decided that Iris would go for the Juliet cap veil but for Amanda, I would style her in a cathedral veil with a blusher.  When you consider how Amanda’s closet makes sense for her job and lifestyle you’re not surprised I would choose the classic cathedral-length veil.  Amanda struggles with expressing her deep emotions but that shouldn’t rob her of her fairytale romance.  It’s about being able to create a style that she would be comfortable and secure enough to express herself in.  Funny how a long strip of tulle can say so much about a person.  

Tried and True Classic

Amanda is a career woman.  She makes trailers for movies and you just know she’s in meetings with the big boys all the time.  A woman like that is efficient with her time.  Just take a look at her clothes.  Everything works.  It’s not complicated, it’s not fussy.  It’s straightforward and well-made so you will never see her look bad.  She’s curated a wardrobe full of classics.  A woman like that is going to want a veil she knows will never go out of style.  She’ll be drawn to the cathedral-length veil.

(custom O-Mara cathedral length wedding veil)

A cathedral-length veil goes with all the wedding looks.  Even if it’s not perfect for the dress, it won’t look bad.  A long cathedral-length veil that flows right down Amanda’s back will look ethereal with Amanda’s height.  I don’t imagine Amanda in a ballgown so having any princess effect will have to come from the wedding veil.  A cathedral-length wedding veil is a perfect veil for people who want to be a more toned-down princess.

Touch of Romance

Don’t be fooled.  Sometimes the toughest nut to crack is the one who wants to be a princess the most.  Amanda talks a good game but as we see, she wants what everyone has.  With the right person, she takes that risk.  A woman like that needs a blusher.  The moment the blusher goes over the face and is placed behind the head is breathtaking.  The veil then becomes a two-tier cathedral-length veil.  

For brides like Amanda, who has a hard time even crying, they don’t need to be obviously romantic.  They may not even want the glitziest cathedral-length wedding veil.  They prefer subtle romance.  The cathedral-length veil won’t be wide but rather slimmer right down her back.  The blusher veil won’t be too embellished but rather a minimalist chic blusher veil with a floral lace trim.  All in all, I see Amanda’s romantic touch a traditional yet modern cathedral-length veil with a blusher.

(Custom O-Mara cathedral length wedding veil)

Light! Camera! Drama!

Amanda lives for the drama baby.  It’s quite literally her job.  She makes movie trailers, it’s her job to know how to entice you.  A woman like that would appreciate the drama of a cathedral-length veil.  A woman like Amanda is a creative mind and I can only imagine she knew exactly the kind of photos she would get with a cathedral-length veil.  The way they fly in the wind and wrap around the person wearing it always gives the most breathtaking photos that never get old.  Imagine how much more drama you’d get by combining a cathedral-length veil with a blusher.  The photo angles would just be captivating and would make the perfect canvas’ around her spacious home.


 Having something as traditional as a cathedral-length wedding veil, with a blusher no less, be something perfect for someone modern speaks to how interesting wedding wear is.  We still borrow from the past to get ready for the future.  For many people like Amanda, it's not about rejecting tradition but finding a way to interpret it for who you are now so you can look back fondly.  It's not necessary to do a complete 180 just because it's your wedding, it's about listening to your heart and being true to yourself.  Just like Amanda did.  You may not end up with Jude Law but you'll get a really beautiful veil in the process.

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