3 Reasons Iris From The Holiday Should Wear a Juliet Cap Veil

With December right around the corner, it’s almost time to talk about The Holiday.  One of the best Christmas movies to come out in 20 years. I love the story and how it celebrates two different versions of love and life.  While Cameron Diaz’s character Amanda is often seen as the stylish one, don’t count out Iris.  Kate Winslet in The Holiday plays a character named Iris.  She’s much more laid back than Amanda sure, but just like her home, she’s got a warmth to her.  She appears traditional and charming and that’s needed in a modern world.  If you find yourself the Iris of the group I think I have the perfect veil for you. The Juliet cap veil.  I was thinking about how I would style someone like Iris, who seems to value tradition just based on her cottage.  But she did fly off to a different part of the world and live in some woman’s house.  That’s brave and exciting.  We don’t see a lot of Juliet cap veils today so it would be an exciting treat for the eyes.  So let’s get to it.

Kate Winslet The Holiday

Why even get a Juliet cap Veil?


If you’re wondering if you’ve ever seen one the answer is yes.  Grace Kelly wore one at her wedding.  If you’re also wondering if the Juliet cap veil has something to do with Juliet of Romeo and Juliet, the answer is also yes.  It’s believed to be named after her in Shakespeare’s play.  

Essentially you’ve got a little cap on your head with the tulle attached for length.  It gives a vintage romantic look. If you’re someone who likes vintage styles and puts in the effort to incorporate vintage pieces in your day-to-day wear, it’s the type of veil to consider.  You may not actively try to search for vintage pieces but you do want your wedding day to be grand. 

Knowing someone like Grace Kelly had a Juliet cap veil would hint that this is a great piece to add a touch of class and royalty to your wedding look.  Even the trendy girls would love that not everyone around you is aware of this option so you’ll stand out from the wedding crowd.

Grace Kelly wearing a Juliet cap veil


The Juliet Cap Veil Keeps the focus on Iris' face

 I see Iris, the character Kate Winslet plays in The Holiday, as someone who would love traditional and renaissance-like elements in dressing such as bishop sleeves.  Which is why a veil with a vintage design would work for her.  Also, Kate Winslet just has one of those faces that transcends time. 

Being able to have a cap that draws attention to her face also draws attention to her beautiful smile.  It’s funny that the Juliet cap veil is a vintage style because not everyone has heard of it.  It’s such a niche historical fashion trend that it also can be refreshing and modern.  Two things Iris represents.

Accessorizing her Juliet Cap Veil


Whether she gets married in the English countryside or a swanky LA location.  There will be flowers.  If you think of Kate Winslet in The Holiday, you know she was always smiling.  How gorgeous would a halo of flowers around her Juliet cap veil be?  It would bring out the rose in her cheeks and just illuminate her.  If it were in the English countryside I see a variety of colors but mainly pink. 

However, if it was in LA I see white flowers,  The white would represent the pure love story she built.  If you need a refresher, she and Miles started as friends who were just there for each other.  Back to the cap.  The good news is that the cap portion of the veil would make the perfect outline so there wouldn’t be any worries about where to place the flowers.

Grace Kelly in a Juliet cap veil


Adding a family touch to her Juliet cap veil

Lastly, It would make the perfect veil to incorporate her nieces.  Iris has two nieces from her brother, Graham.  Olivia and Sophie.  I can honestly see her pulling an Angelina Jolie and incorporating her niece's drawings into her veil.  Veils like the Juliet cap veil provide the perfect opportunity for things like that.  As by design it appears vintage, it could be looked at as a family heirloom.  Therefore having her nieces add on would add to the idea of it being a family heirloom.

Jackie Kennedy Juliet cap veil

We may never know exactly what the fictional character Iris would do for her wedding but it is fun to think of.  A veil is often discounted as just another piece to a wedding but when you think of the possibilities it’s truly one of the most exciting pieces of a wedding look.  We’re all multi-faceted people and who would have thought something as simple as the Juliet cap veil would encompass all of that?  

You deserve to have a piece representing all the beautiful qualities you have as well, so click this link, and let’s get started on your wedding veil!

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