Full Beat

O-Mara was not created to blend in with the wallpaper and I kept that in mind while I worked with a makeup artist named Bre to put this look together.  I could not be more in love.  Bold lips and bright eye colour are not the most encouraged combinations for Black women and that's exactly the direction I wanted to head.  When putting together a wedding look keeping things classic is great if you don't want to cringe at those photos down the line.  Although when you plan on keeping things classic by someone else's definition don't forget to take yourself along.  As someone who wears glasses it's hard to feel confident with makeup because I feel like so much of it gets lost behind the lenses and Bre took that into consideration.  To help with this she chose really beautiful pinks that also went with my frames.  My only complaint is that I didn't have more places to go and had to settle with strutting through the pet store.



Goodbye, Mary by Richard Blacksher, Aly Lagana

Mad Over You (violin cover) by Demola


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