Carolyn Bassett Kennedy's wedding dress has remained in a staple in fashion history.  It's easy to overlook because we're so used to simpler wedding dresses now in fashion she helped bring it to center stage.  I go over in the video why her dress was such a big deal and why it caught people's eye.

The iconic photos of the Kennedy union are few yet each one is stunning.  Carolyn Kennedy's wedding dress immediately drew my eyes over and the delicate kiss on the hand made my romantic heart swoon.  It wasn't until I was researching did I even realize she was wearing wedding gloves and a wedding veil.  Talk about a well-balanced look that makes sure to keep the attention on the most important person, the bride.

I finish off the video with a twist on Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's wedding dress.  I kept the sleek look but with a different color and paired it with the Seraphina veil.

Check out the veil I used in the video here!


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