A 60s bride was doing her own thing.  A 2020 bride is just trying to do the damn thing.  This little thing called Covid-19 swept up the world and now instead of rice we’re dodging a full-blown pandemic. 

Perhaps to see a path forward it would help to look back to one of the best fashion moments a bride of today could draw influence from.  Mod era.  A time where youth culture seeped into the bridal scene.  Swapped were the dramatic gowns for A-line silhouettes and streamlined seams.  Hemlines shorter than your patience for your fiancé.  A time that ushered in the sleeveless shirtdress as an acceptable option and brides didn't shy away from colour.


Celebrating a new style is not about subtraction but rather addition.  Traditional girls were still enjoying the full gowns as they made their way down the church aisle meanwhile down the street the mod girl was getting married at a courthouse and going home for the reception.

What does this all have to do with the 2020 bride?  Everything!  Of all the things that could derail a wedding plan who had pandemic on their bingo card?  Was that even in the wildest of dreams?  Plans change and now is the time to take things into your own hands and do your own thing.  Have you had to trim your guest list and suddenly your ball gown dress feels like too much?  Keep the floor length with an A-line dress.  Not trying to spend any more money?  Borrow your love’s button up shirt, cinch your waist with an embellished belt and saunter down the path with the Deziri veil placed on top for a pop of tradition and glamour.  If life is short, your skirt can be too.  This is the time to experiment and blame a pandemic for it.  If it doesn’t work out just remember that no one said you had to have one wedding… no one I know at least.

Is there a certain look you’ve secretly wanted for your day? 



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