Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe (How to Decide Your Wedding Style)

You’ve got your partner.  You’ve got your ring.  The crew is gathered with scissors and glue ready to mood board the wedding of your dreams.  Which is what exactly?  Not everyone has dreamed of their wedding day. Even if you had, turns out dreams at nine, fourteen, and sixteen don’t always hold up at twenty-seven, thirty-four or forty-two. So where do we go from here? 

What don’t you like? 

Good question.  Usually starting with what you love can be a great place to go but sometimes the don’t list just comes a little too natural.  It can be overwhelming to think of everything you love and other times it’s just a straight blank so it’s easier to know everything you hate.  Nevertheless it is still a starting point worth exploring.  If it causes a visceral reaction within you just go ahead and side step that.

Look at your venue

a great source of inspiration? Location, location, location.  Most people decide where they want to wed and then work around it.  A very formal setting can inspire a classic old Hollywood look while an art gallery can inspire something more eclectic and colorful.  This can be great until it’s not.  Sometimes, the “this is it,” dress doesn’t match the venue we’ve already placed a hefty deposit on.  Here’s the thing: you are still the merrier.  The venue can be at the end of a driveway for all it matters and if you feel best in a ballgown, then that’s exactly what you need to wear. 



Not everyone is a spring chicken, there are some snow angels amongst us.  The date set for the wedding will fall during a particular month and seasons have switched up on us lately so keep that in mind.  We’re not having the same summers and winters we used to have so how will that affect your style?  Your colour palette might need to add some deeper tones to pop against your surroundings.  Snag some colour swatches and go to town comparing against your skin tone.

Let’s talk about you

Since it is your day and all you might want to carve out some time and ask yourself what is your own personal style.  It’s not uncommon to find someone who doesn’t think they have one.  Some of us build our closets around our job that we even forget to exist outside the 9-5.  And there are those of us who can feel self-conscious and feel discouraged in even trying new things.  All of that is ok.  Take some time and find what you feel most confident in, what you feel most comfortable in.  Are you interested in stepping outside of your comfort zone a bit?  It’s ok if your style isn’t something you deem timeless.  Fashion ebbs and flows so much it’s important to have fun while you can.


Now that you’ve got some starting points I’d love to know what’s on your nice to have list.  What’s on your must have list.  And what is on your absolutely not list.  Sound off below!



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