3 Ways to Style a Black Wedding Veil with Flowers

I would love to start with a flower pun about blooming or planting but I’ve got nothing.  So instead I’ll just say that I am excited about more people choosing black wedding veils for their big day.  Wedding fashion has grown, get it? Grown. Wedding fashion has grown to understand that more people see black wedding dresses and black wedding veils just as romantic as ivory wedding veils.  Expressing that view of love is also something to celebrate.  Being traditional while still bringing in a new light.  We love the tradition of flowers and are excited by the moodier wedding styles, so here’s how we would incorporate moody notes in a veil with flowers.

Flowers are a romantic element that touches everything even remotely connected to a wedding.  So it would make sense that many people would want to incorporate them into their wedding veil.  It’s easy to find inspiration for a white wedding veil with flowers but takes a bit more digging for a black wedding veil with flowers.  Especially in a way that’s not a cliché.  That’s why I’ve got three different ways to get your mind rethinking how to style a black wedding veil 

1. Flower patterns on the veil 

Flower on the veil may not be groundbreaking, though how you approach it could be.  It doesn’t have to be trimmed along the edges it can be a motif around the veil. A black wedding veil has the luxury of being a great background for an interesting design so this really is your chance to play around with a meaningful idea.  You can have the petals be the floral element and they can be in darker colours to really match the moody tone. The petals still count as having a veil with flowers.  


2. Antique Hair Combs 

Often when speaking with someone who wants gothic or moodier elements in their wedding style, they’ll reference yesteryear.  People love mystical and Victorian influences in their gothic clothing.  A veil with flowers doesn’t always have to be embroidered onto the tulle, it can be a headpiece attached to the veil.  A big antique floral hair comb is a unique choice and counts as something old. 

A black wedding veil paired with a striking hair-comb leaves a lasting impression.  There are so many different types of combs that if your immediate thought is to think that it’s tacky, I challenge you to keep digging.  Switch up the size you want the comb to be and switch up the color too.  Remember, a black wedding veil is the perfect background for a lot of artistic choices. 

3.  Floral Shapes and sizes

Roses and tulips may have sent your eyes rolling to the ceiling.  But what if I told you there were more than two types of flowers?  Say you want to make a flower crown but don’t want to match exactly what you see on Pinterest.  Your veil with flowers doesn’t have to be perfectly round it can be more geometrical.  Think of all the Dahlias, Iris, Bat Orchids, and Hollyhock you could add. 

There’s more but that’s just a couple that would pair really well with a black veil.  They all bloom in such unique ways it’ll be an interesting twist for the eye to see.  These flowers are perfect to add to a black wedding veil 

Red/Black Dhalia that pairs perfectly with a black veil and make a great flower for a veil with flowers

Remember to play around with the size and proportion of these flowers.  There’s so much room for who you are in fashion and there are ways to make traditions fresh and exciting for you.  

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