3 Must-Have Tips for Styling a Wedding Veil and Tiara

Once upon a time when I was a kid helping my dad get a wedding dress for someone, I learned an important lesson.  When I passed on the tiara the stylist suggested, I said it was because it would be too sparkly with her already sparkly dress.  The stylist corrected me and explained how the eye starts at the top and goes down.  The tiara would draw the eye up, and the sparkle wouldn’t be a problem.  That is a lesson I have never forgotten, working with the line of sight to maximize glamour.  A wedding veil and tiara are besties.  Their a brilliant pair to add style so the eye has more to absorb when it naturally moves up and down.  

A woman’s hair is seen as her crown. We’ve all heard the metaphor once or twice before.  While it can feel disheartening to some, it can also be an opportunity to define beauty and style on your own terms.  If you think pairing a tiara with your wedding veil is not for you, based on an outdated concept of beauty, I hope you can reconsider after reading this post.  

I for one am desperate for tiaras to make a resurgence with weddings.  It’s one of those accessories I keep on deck for styling even if the bride rolls her eyes.  You truly never know what could be the finishing piece for a look.  I also want to note that more often than not, people fall in love with the tiara.  Believe it or not more of us want to have that royal look no matter how many times we’re told to care about “quiet luxury” or minimalism.

1. The Higher the Crown…

When I was in middle school E! had this program about the do's and don'ts of wedding styles.  You guessed it, tiara’s were a don’t but if you wanted to still have one then opt for the Natalie Portman 2005 Oscar’s red carpet, Fred Leighton headpiece. Essentially a headband.  I can’t believe I fell for that.  If you’re going to pair a wedding veil with a tiara it needs to have some height.  Glinda doesn’t have to be on your mood board but a tasteful height such as Meghan Markle's wedding day tiara, can be.   A tiara needs to have a bit of height. Before disagreeing consider two things.  You want people to see how your wedding veil and tiara look together.  You also want the tiara to catch the light.   A headband that disappears into the bouffant will not have the same effect.  When thinking of height keep in mind where the eye lingers.  You always want a balanced look that makes you the star.  The longer the eye has to look up the longer it takes to get to you.  A good measuring starting point is, that higher tiara’s go well with extravagant dresses.  Mid-level to lower tiaras are great with sleek dresses with clean lines.


 2. Colour Scheme

Wedding dresses don’t just come in white and your tiara doesn’t just show up as platinum.  Let’s remember that we’re drawing the eye up and then down in a harmonious movement.  If you were to have a white wedding dress with a white wedding veil and a tiara that’s rose gold, it’s jarring.  The attention goes to the tiara and not you.  A tiara is an ornamental piece, not the main attraction.  When you pair your wedding veil and a tiara the colour scheme should work well with each other.  Some people choose accessories to add their pop of colour, so getting a colourful wedding veil is a popular decision.  Adding a tiara that doesn’t work with the color family can make things look awkward and lopsided.  Looking at a colour wheel can help determine the right colour group that compliments both the wedding veil and tiara.  Rose gold tiaras and a wedding veil of blush appliques are a great and romantic pair.  A white wedding dress pairs well with a white veil and a tiara with soft blue stones.  Something blue and magical. 

3. Design

Gone are the little girl tiaras used for dress-up and tea parties.  Tiara’s of today can be made of different things from flowers to sticks.  There’s something for everyone.  Before you right off tiaras as something gaudy and too Miss America consider that there are more chic versions of a tiara to play with.  Consider that the design of your tiara could be something you want to carry on in your other accessories like your wedding veil.  Your wedding veil and tiara could complement each other with accents of the same shape and colour continuation.  The Met Gala always has a couple of spectacular examples of different tiaras and how they enhance a look.  It’s obvious to make sure your wedding veil and tiara mesh well together but it could also influence your eye makeup and hairstyle.  As I mentioned earlier, you don’t want something to just fade in the background.  Even when you’re being subtle

All in all, when you see a tiara out of the corner of your eye don’t immediately roll your eyes.  Give yourself the chance to be impressed.  There are so many ways to play up your look and express yourself so let yourself be surprised.  The wedding veil and tiara combination of your dreams could be right in front of you so just give it a shot.  We've got lots of inspo on our Pinterest page.

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