3 Reasons a Mantilla Veil is Perfect for a Winter Beach Wedding

One of the most popular wedding veils is the mantilla veil.  And why wouldn’t it be?   Scalloped lace frames the face.  The veil drapes from the shoulders all the way down.  It looks like an antique, even if it's right out of the box.  Perfect for people who love the vintage look.  It shares a great deal in common with the Deze veil A popular wedding location is the beach.  Between the water, the sand and the horizon most of the work is done for you. A beach winter wedding is popular since all you have to do is show up in a breezy dress and people will call you carefree and effortless.  What do we get when we pair a traditional veil with a carefree setting?  Holy matrimony.  People deciding what kind of wedding veil to choose from might think getting a standard chapel-length wedding veil makes sense.  Maybe it makes sense because you’ve seen it a few times but I think I can sway you over to the mantilla lace veil being up your alley.  

The Deze veil is our take on the mantilla wedding veil

1.  Colour Cohesion

Getting married on the beach is already a picturesque experience; all the colours you’ll need are there.  The shades of blue of the water.  Pinks and warm gold from the sunset.  Beige sand.  We could be here all day.  The mantilla’s distinct feature is the scalloped edges.  To modernise the trim, bringing a complementary winter shade to the trim would tie in the theme with a winter beach wedding.  Imagine a soft blue mantilla wedding veil, paired with the blue of the water.  A photographer would have a blast in editing.  This separates the mantilla wedding veil from other veils because these key details are the perfect places to add a touch of personalization. 

2.  Striking Balance 

Winter beach weddings are usually paired with less fussy clothing styles that can handle a little wind.  The fashion tends to sway more relaxed than formal.  A mantilla wedding veil might be a nice way to meet in the middle.  Mantilla is a Spanish veil with Catholic roots so they can be designed and worn for every day.  It makes the mantilla wedding veil one that can be the right balance for laid back and formal.  Maybe it’s because the veil can be so traditional in itself that the rest of the wedding outfit is free to be breezy.  To kick it up a notch opt for a cathedral-length mantilla wedding veil.  A cathedral-length mantilla wedding veil during a winter beach wedding adds the winter allure people love.  Since it’s not about the weather but a certain magic in the air.  The length of the veil will contribute to the magic as it glides.  If the occasion calls for a shorter dress, the cathedral-length veil will add interest by giving a high-low moment.  Once again, we have to remember those photographs will be gorgeous.

Cassie & Alex Fine are Officially Married | BellaNaija

(Cassie Ventura via Bella Naija)

3.  Practical Magic 

Practicality is another reason to put the mantilla wedding veil on the table.  A winter beach wedding may sound like a guaranteed warm weather day.  The only cool should be the tones of the colour scheme.  In reality, there is a chance of cool winds and the nights being cooler than usual.  Planning a cover-up with the wedding look is not only the smart thing to do, but it’s the chic thing to do.  I always remind my clients how wedding veils offer another layer of coverage and comfort.  A mantilla wedding veil frames the face and hangs around the shoulders like a cape would.  Manta means cape after all.  You won’t be so cold that you’ll need a blanket as you recite your vows.  But just having the veil drape over your shoulders should do the trick against a cool, light wind.  How gorgeous will those photos look with the embroidery framing your face and grazing your shoulders during your beach winter wedding?

Mandy Moore shares sweet photo from 'A Walk to Remember' - UPI.com

(A Walk to Remember)

You’ll look beautiful whatever you decide to wear.  I just hope that I was able to sway you into making a mantilla wedding veil the one to beat.  Especially for a winter beach wedding.  You’ll have the style, the grace and the colour scheme displayed in a lifetime of photos. 

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