Why Are Alterations So Expensive?

How long do you alterations take?

Light alterations such as a hemming, fixing a zipper, or small adjustments can take as little as two weeks to complete.

Heavy alterations such as working with layered dresses and each layer needing work.  Working with more delicate fabric, embellishments, and also working with vintage clothing are examples of work that is considered more time consuming, and it is heavily suggested you budget up to a month if not more time with your tailor or seamstress.

 Are alterations more expensive for bigger brides?

Alterations are not based on the weight or disability of a person. 

 When should I schedule my alterations?

Schedule your alterations as soon as possible.  You may not have to meet with your tailor/seamstress right as you get your dress but having a date in the books with a timeline of how long things should take will take a huge weight off your shoulders

Why are alterations so expensive?

Tailoring is a craft.  When you first tried on the dress or outfit you had a rough sketch of what you would look like.  Your look truly comes to life it's fitted right for you.  It’s an art and skill to do what we do.

 What if I change my mind after alterations start?

Well…. If it’s a quick fix, no problem.  If it’s changing your mind on key elements of the dress we’re going to need to sit and meet reality where it is.  We’re here to help and keep it real with you.  Be honest with what you truly want and if you’re willing to provide the necessary supplies (i.e., extra fabric if need be), there’s a way.

How much should I budget for alterations?

For simple needs such as hemming and adjustments that would take only a couple of weeks, set aside $200. 

For more complex alterations and more delicate fabric please understand that the price does go up and vary depending on the project.